The Healthier Choice


Premium CFM Isolate Protein Sources

• Our Frozen Yogurt and Shakes use only CFM Isolate Protein sources, as opposed to a lower quality whey.
• Virtually zero lactose, cholesterol or sodium.
• Very easily digested source of protein.


Culligan™ Reversed Osmosis Filtered Water

• This system removes 95% of the contaminants in tap water.
• Results in not only a healthier shake, but a better tasting one too!


Balanced Protein-Carbohydrate Macros


Real Activia® Probiotic Yogurt

• Probiotics are the healthy bacteria in our gut and intestines that help with everything from digestion to immune health.
•  We use a non-powdered, non-soy based yogurt, which offers far superior probiotic cultures.


Incredible Taste

• On top of all the health benefits of our shakes, they are absolutely delicious!
• Your taste buds will be satisfied while your body thanks you!


Enhance Your Shake And Take Your Health & Recovery to the Next Level!

• We offer the ability to add single servings of individual ingredients like Greens, Antioxidants, Omega3’s, Fibre, Amino Acids and more!
• This means you can get all the benefits of eating 6-8 servings of Vegetables and Fruits!


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