Revolution Nutrition BCAA Splash Gummies, Single

Revolution Nutrition BCAA Splash Gummies


BCAA Splash™ Gummies is simply the most innovative, delicious and convenient BCAA product EVER!!! All the benefits of branched-chain amino acids in real gummies!

BCAA Splash™ Gummies is the latest breakthrough in sports supplements! Yes, you can now get a full serving of BCAAs in actual gummies! Each bag of these delicious gummies supplies your body with 5 grams of high quality BCAAs and contain no sugar!

Proven 2:1:1 ratio 
BCAAs are a powerful anti-catabolic agent during exercise. Designed to be absorbed directly by the muscle tissues, BCAA Splash™ Gummies contains twice as much L-Leucine as it does L-Valine and L-Isoleucine, making it the perfect balance to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. Not only does BCAA Splash™ Gummies maximize recovery, it actually starts the recovery as you are STILL training. 

Zero sugar 
The best part about BCAA Splash™ Gummies is that you can have real candies without adding any sugar to your diet!

No artifical colors / No artificial flavors
BCAA Splash™ Gummies has been formulated without any artificial colors or flavors! Everything here is natural.

The most convenient BCAAs! 
Whether you are at home, at work,  or in the gym,  you can now simply open a bag of BCAA Splash™ Gummies and enjoy your favorite BCAAs anywhere!

How to take BCAA Splash™ Gummies 
Eat 1 bag  of BCAA Splash™ Gummies (40 g)  during  your workout or any physical activity.

Because taste matters
The Revolution Nutrition™ Research and Development team is constantly working on product innovation and flavor enhancement. When you choose to purchase any Revolution Nutrition™ product, you can be assured that you are getting a supplement that will not only deliver on the results you are expecting, but that you will also experience incredible mouth-watering flavors - Guaranteed!