Allmax Nutrition Krush Loaded - Fruit Punch Recharge, 3.3 lb / 30 Servings


  • Patented Creatine Delivery and Absorption Technology
  • PHASED RELEASE 5-SOURCE carb blend with AWM2300™ WAXY MAIZE
  • 2,500 mg L-GLUTAMINE; 250 mg RIBOSE; 100 mg COP
  • rapid-charge effervescent release
  • Immediate post-workout anabolic effect

New KRUSH™ LOADED is total Post-Workout Muscle Therapy. Rapid increases in size, strength and power in a convenient and delicious post-workout Fruit Punch drink. KRUSH LOADED has less than half the sugar of old-school formulas with a massive 5 grams of state-of-the-art PharmaFuse™ Creatine. If you’re looking to build a lot of muscle fast, then read on. KRUSH LOADED has the answer you’ve been looking for.

Are you missing the most important muscle growth opportunity?

What every bodybuilder worth his salt knows: short-burst, high-intensity, heavy-resistance training that gets results also rapidly depletes muscular energy stores (glycogen). This leaves you in a depleted state. If you don’t supercharge your muscles with a rapid infusion of carbs immediately following training, you miss the most crucial opportunity for powerful growth and total recovery.
KRUSH™ LOADED speeds the replenishment of muscular energy stores; following the wrong advice (or “advices” as Arnold would say) of those preaching “no carb” like it was a religion will seriously compromise not only your gains, but also your capacity to fully recover and hit your next workout with a “full battery.” Even worse, trying to recover without carbs will put you into a catabolic muscle-wasting state faster than Mr. T can say “I pity the fool”.

Why you aren’t you making gains in the gym like you should be!?

Research study after research study confirms that not taking advantage of this critical 30 minute post-workout timeframe to administer quickly absorbing, fast-acting carbs severely damages your ability to completely recover. Ignorance of this knowledge will cost you muscle! You will slip into a state called gluconeogenesis where your body literally steals protein from your muscle tissue to make the carbs you failed to consume; this is a scientific fact.

I can just hear the brainwashed banter now, “But I’ll get fat if I eat carbs?”. No, no, no, no and no. Was Michael Phelps fat on his 12,000 calorie a day diet? No and no again. If you sit on your ass all day and eat Twinkies, you will get fat. However, (and pay attention here) getting into the gym and lifting heavy, heavy weights for an hour or more will seriously and rapidly deplete your stores of energy. Consuming rapidly absorbed carbohydrates in liquid form will initiate the replenishment of energy your body is screaming for.
KRUSH LOADED has gone one step further. We included multiple carb sources shown in research to more effectively replenish depleted muscular energy stores. What’s more, ALLMAX’s Phased 5-Source carb glycogen replenishment technology rapidly increases glycogen synthesis.

KRUSH LOADED is the answer!

KRUSH LOADED provides the critical components essential for rapid growth and recovery in and out of the gym. It contains 35 g of Phased 5-Source Carbs with only 19 g of sugars supported by a 6-ingredient, Insulin-Mimicking Matrix (Insulogenic Creatine Amplifier) and 5 g of PHARMAFUSE™ Creatine, the highest purity pharmaceutical-grade and fully-reacted Monohydrated Creatine. 2,500 mg L-Glutamine and 250 mg of Patented BioEnergy® D-Ribose with 100 mg of C.O.P. (Creatinol-O-Phosphate) all in an instant rapid-charge effervescent release system, designed to quickly and efficiently disperse ingredients and deliver Creatine.
PharmaFuse™ Pharma-Grade Creatine Monohydrate

Taking advantage your muscle cells’ uptake of nutrients while they are in essence “refueling” is critical to triggering your body’s anabolic signals to grow. KRUSH LOADED has included pharmaceutical grade Creatine-Monohydrate (CrH2O) PhamaFuse™ that is 100% fused in a fully-reacted state; this means it is completely stable (unlike Mel Gibson). PharmaFuse has been tested and re-tested to be 100% stable through the elevated temperature and high acidity of digestion.  Not only is PharmaFuse™ created in a pharmaceutical facility, it has also been tested by HP Liquid Chromatography to be truly ultra pure Creatine. Ultra stable, ultra pure and highly Bioavailable PharmaFuse™.
ALLMAX did not stop there in sourcing the ultimate in Creatine effectiveness. Ultra stable, ultra pure and highly Bioavailable was not enough, we needed the highest level of fineness and grade of microparticulated material. PharmaFuse™ Creatine does not pass unless the microparticle size is so fine that it is 0.075 of 1 millimeter in size, or 75 micrometers, that is less that the width of the average human hair!
Not only does Creatine increase the base energy units your body uses for contractile strength, but more recently, research has confirmed that Creatine also increases the muscle’s ability to take up glucose essential for powerful and intensive strength training. Even more recent research has confirmed increases in the powerful growth factor iGF-1!


GLUTAMAX Pure L-Glutamine (2,500 mg)
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and has recently been shown by research to increase the number of HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins). Aside from its well-known ability to help exercise recovery and boost immune function, Glutamine helps to create new muscle tissue by increasing HSPs. Glutamine has also been shown to speed post-workout recovery by increasing the absorption of key electrolytes.
ALLMAX is well known for having the best Glutamine on the market. Putting it into a powerhouse recovery product was a “no brainer”. Our premium L-Glutamine is pure Fermentation Derived, Japanese Grade and Microparticulated.

AWM2300™ Waxy Maize

As a part of the Phase-Release 5-Source Carb Matrix, we’ve included 2,500 mg of our proprietary AWM2300™ High Molecular Weight Waxy Maize. Known specifically for its ability to pull difficult-to-absorb nutrients across digestive membranes, waxy maize has become an indispensable “must-have” for bodybuilders. Aside from its myriad of benefits, we knew it had to be a part of our carb matrix, due to its unique cross-linked polymerized molecular structure. Vastly different than other carbs in the way it is absorbed, AWM2300 Waxy Maize helps to create the phase-release effect we were looking for.

BioEnergy® Ribose

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the base cellular energy unit your body needs to survive. As you workout, you burn through vast amounts of energy through every muscular contraction. High intensity exercise drains muscle energy pools, contributing to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), exertional fatigue, loss of peak performance, and tissue damage.
Part of the recovery process your body goes through during your post-workout phase is to rebuild these critical energy stores. The three required components of ATP are adenine, ribose and phosphate. Since adenine and phosphate are present in far greater volumes than Ribose, Ribose is the rate-limiting step.
Patented BioEnergy® Ribose, shortens recovery time, reduces muscle soreness and limits the onset or severity of fatigue for athletes of all levels.

Building Muscular Endurance is the Key to MASSIVE Growth!

Getting to the point where you can max out your reps within every set will trigger your body to build muscle. Running out of “gas” too early and not forcing out the last few critical reps past your normal point of failure will stifle your progress.
Getting huge is not rocket science. It’s really fairly simple when you think about it. You have to train hard. The harder you train, the more you lift, the more your muscles will respond by getting stronger and bigger. But, here’s the kicker – YOU MUST RECOVER!
This is the part where most people fail and remain small. It has been proven that training without full recovery can actually make your muscles shrink. Obviously, you can’t train every day, and getting enough sleep is essential, but there is a crucial step most people overlook – and watch their hard-earned muscle slip away!

There is a short 30-minute window immediately after you train where your muscles are screaming for nutrients. This is the perfect window of opportunity to make every drop of sweat you lost in the gym help to make you GROW!

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