Bodylogix Natural Pre-Workout, 243g / 30 Servings

Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout

Explosive Energy, Mental Focus

Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout increases strength, power and performance during repetitive, high intensity physical activity while promoting endurance and relieving fatigue. Formulated with natural colours, flavours and sweeteners, Bodylogix® Natural Pre-Workout supports peak performance with clean, quality ingredients that are non-GMO and gluten and peanut free. Certified by NSF, a leader in third-party testing, you can trust Bodylogix® to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Explosive energy and increased mental focus is within reach!

  • 1500 mg beta-alanine per scoop
  • 150 mg caffeine per scoop
  • 1000 mg creatine per scoop