Scivation XTEND Ripped - Watermelon Lime, 30 Servings/501g
XTEND Ripped is a revolutionary cutting formula that promotes lean muscle growth while packing in ingredients like CLA and Capsimax to help enhance fat loss.

XTEND Ripped is the perfect intra-workout weight loss supplement to help you beat goals and start achieving that completely shredded look you’ve been going after. At the recommended 2 scoops per day,

XTEND Ripped builds on the clinically studied XTEND BCAA powder formula that promotes lean mass, muscle strength, and fat loss.

7G OF BCAAs - In the nature-designed and research-proven 2:1:1 ratio

CAPISMAX® CAYENNE - Capsimax® Cayenne fruit extract supports the mobilization of fats for energy production.

L-CARNITINE TARTRATE - L-Carnitine is needed to transform fatty acids into energ


Non-Medical Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Malic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Polydextrose,
Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, FD&C Red #40.


Adults take 1 level scoop 1-2 times per day.
Mix each level scoop in 10-14 fl.oz of water (adjust for taste preference) and shake well. On training days consume 1 level scoop during exercise and 1 level scoop after exercise.

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