Revolution Nutrition Pure BCAA Candy Flavours, 240 Grams

Revolution Nutrition Pure BCAA Powder
"Now in Delicious Candy Flavours!"

The Building Blocks

Preserves Lean Mass
Anti-Catabolic Amino Acids
Pharmaceutical Grade

Prevents muscle breakdown.

Revolution Nutrition™ BCAA Splash Energy™ packs all the key ingredients of the famous BCAA Splash™ all in delicious CANDY FLAVORS!!

Preserve your lean muscle mass
The BCAAs represent at least 30% of muscle tissue composition. Multiple studies show that exercise ignites excretion and degradation of the BCAAs contained in the muscles. Providing your body with sufficient amount of BCAAs during and after exercise has an important anti-catabolic effect and supports lean muscle growth.

How to take Pure BCAA Powder
Mix one teaspoon in your favorite beverage and drink it throughout your workout. For maximum results, drink one serving during your workout and another immediately following your training. You can use up to three servings daily.

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