Revolution Nutrition Mad Mass *Value Size!*, 13 lb

Mad Mass™ 13lb Value Size!

Lean Muscle Gainer

High In Protein
3 sources of carbohydrates
Incredible Taste

Revolution Nutrition™ Mad Mass™ is a proven weight gain formula that is a step beyond anything else available on the market! Each serving is loaded with high quality muscle building calories that will force your body to grow. One full serving of Mad Mass™ will supply your body with 50 grams of protein and the necessary amount of carbohydrates for you to reach your full potential. With a taste defying any regular milkshake, using this product will feel like eating dessert at your favorite ice cream parlor. So don't just get big - get extremely big today with Mad Mass™!

50 grams of protein per serving
Mad Mass™ has been carefully engineered using three different types of protein to get the maximum variety of amino acid profiles in each serving.

3 sources of carbohydrates
To ensure protein absorption, Mad Mass™ supplies your body with 3 different sources of carbohydrates (Waxymaize, Sweet Potato Powder and Maltodextrin) for maximum muscle growth.

How to take Mad Mass™

If you train in the evening: Mix 2 scoops (1/2 a serving) in 250 ml of water in the morning, mix again 2 scoops in 250 ml of water in mid-afternoon and 4 scoops (full serving) in 500 ml of water immediately after training. You can adjust servings to meet the requirements of your training regimen.

Because taste matters
Revolution Nutrition™ has earned a solid reputation as the best tasting sports supplements on the market today. We always take the time and effort to create flavors that are simply second to none so that each and every one of our consumers is always 100% satisfied.

*Chocolate Flavour Shown.
NOTE: Nutritional information and ingredients may vary from flavour to flavour..


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