Revolution Nutrition Bull Dose Rush Candy Flavours *Exclusive Product*, 546 Grams

Revolution Nutrition Bull Dose Rush Candy Flavours



        Bull Dose Rush Candies

Revolution Nutrition™ Bull Dose Rush is the real next generation of pre-workout formulas! Scientifically engineered to produce the maximum muscle pumps while also supplying incomparable intensity and focus... All this now available in delicious CANDY FLAVORS!!

Pumps and more!

Formulated with Citrulline Malate and Agmatine, Bull Dose Rush gives you muscle pumps and vascularity like never before!

Bull Dose Rush also contains powerful stimulants like Caffeine and Synephrine, to let  you experience the intensity and rush you are looking for...but there is more! DMAE (dimethylamioethanol bitartrate) and Huperzine A have been added to this incredible formula to also activate neurotransmitter activity so that you achieve tunnel-vision focus!

Natural flavor & Natural color

Bull Dose Rush has been formulated without any artificial flavors or colors.

 The Flavor Match advantage

Bull Dose Rush is part of Revolution Nutrition™’s exclusive Flavor Match system. This system allows you to mix and match your favorite Revolution Nutrition™ products together in the same shaker bottle according to the flavor of your choice! You can thus add Bull Dose Rush to Whey Isolate Splash™, BCAA Splash™, Carnitine Cooler™, Whey Gainer Punch™, Whey Protein Punch™ and more!

 How to take Bull Dose Rush

Mix ½ scoop of Bull Dose Rush with 275 ml of water immediately before consumption. Drink prior to your workout. Do not exceed ½ scoop in any 24-hour period.

Because taste matters
Revolution Nutrition™ has earned a solid reputation as the best tasting sports supplements on the market today. We always take the time and effort to create flavors that are simply second to none so that each and every one of our consumers is always 100% satisfied.