ATP Labs Omega Carn, 120 Softgels

ATP Labs Omega Carn
A unique formula to help support your cardiovascular and brain health

Source of omega-3 fatty acids to maintain good health
Helps support cardiovascular health
Helps reduce serum triglycerides
Helps support cognitive health and brain function.

A blend of high-quality fish oil and carnitine
The heart and soul of healthy living! Helps maintain cardiovascular and brain health Omega-3 fats is among the most important of essential nutrients out there today.
Combine it with carnitine, which plays a critical role in energy production, and you get a highly efficient natural supplement that boosts your overall health and helps support your cardiovascular and brain health

The benefits of softgels vs. liquid
Tasteless, odorless and easy to swallow
No need to refrigerate Easy to carry with you wherever you go