Popeye's® Supplements Canada ~ Ultimate Nutrition CreaPure - 1000g

Ultimate Nutrition, CreaPure™ - 1000g


Why CreaPure™ Works!

Most athletes know that muscle contraction and relaxation are driven by energy in the cells supplied by the compound adenosine triphosphate or ATP. With weightlifting, your body needs immediate replenishment of energy to power muscle movement. How much and how efficiently ATP is produced depends upon theamount of creatine phosphate stored in the cell.

Creatine is the key substance that helps accelerate the ATP refueling of the muscle. So more creatine in the muscle means greater energy production which allows muscle to work longer and at higher intensity.

In addition creatine, is more than just an ergogenic nutrient. It has a volumizing effect on muscle. Cell volumizing, or cellular hydration gives muscle a larger appearance without the “puffy” look. More importantly, muscles have improved strength and higher energy for faster recovery and more intense workouts.

Not all Creatine is Created Equal

Most creatine products look exactly alike but they can vary dramatically in quality. There are three main known impurities present in inferior creatine monohydrate products; Creatinine, Dicyandiamide and Dihydrotriazine Derivatives.

These ingredients are by-products and have unknown pharmaceutical and toxicological properties, compounds you definitely should not ingest.

  • Improved Power and Strength
  • Faster Recovery Period
  • Boosts Energy
  • Cell Voluminizing
  • Increases Lean Body Mass

CreaPure™ is the only existing Creatine Monohydrate proven to have no adverse side effects by toxicological and clinical long-term studies.

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